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Consistent System is a company specializing in software product and technology innovation. We follow fine-tuned engineering processes to develop best-in-class solutions for customers with the best available technology. We provide custom and quality Software Development services across the world with latest and emerging Web Technologies. We are specialized in Web, Mobile, Desktop and Cloud base applications.

When it comes to Web Application then first thing comes in mind is Application Security? And yes we have team of highly technical and motivated experts for this. The company's expert professionals provide comprehensive security assessments that include Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, risk assessments. We also provide security policy development, security awareness trainings.

We provide training services on Cutting Edge Technologies and Application Security Testing which helps our students to gain knowledge in all directions also it help them to establish themselves at good position in this highly technical world. We also provide placements / employment to our students who go through this training.

Consistent System is a leader in business process outsourcing services, uses process to help its client's power intelligence across their enterprise to run smarter operations make smarter decisions and use smarter technology. Consistent System framework, its unique science of process combined with deep domain expertise in multiple industry verticals, leads to superior business outcomes.


Once websites and applications are enrolled with Consistent System, we obtain URLs to be tested, the window periods for testing and a set of test credentials for each web application if applicable. Once the setup is complete, the application level vulnerability scanning is conducted using leading commercial application scanners. The outputs of the scanners are manually verified to ensure accuracy and remove any false positives. Additionally we have a set of manual tests and checks that are performed in areas where application scanners are weak or incapable. Detailed reports with vulnerability information, ease of exploitation, security impact, vulnerability rating, solutions and fixes are provided. Reports will also include benchmarking information to the OWASP Top 10 and PCI requirements. For more information about this service contact: ApplicationSecurity@ConsistentSystem.com

Networking Services

Our Network Management service refers to the activities, methods, procedures, and tools that pertain to the operation, administration, maintenance, and provisioning of networked systems. Network management is essential to command and control practices and is generally carried out of a network operations center. Our operation deals with keeping the network (and the services that the network provides) up and running smoothly. Administration deals with keeping track of resources in the network and how they are assigned. Maintenance is concerned with performing repairs and upgrades. Provisioning is concerned with configuring resources in the network to support a given service. For more information about this service contact netservices@ConsistentSystem.com


To facilitate our clients consistently improving services to help them grow better.


To become the most reliable company in the world at delivering outstanding software products and services and keep them secure.