1. We have very limited functionality on our website like contact us for lead generation, do we need to perform security testing?
    • Yes, it is always recommended to have security testing on all web applications which are critical and important for your business.
    • Because we have seen so many examples where hackers stolen business leads through contact us form and sold out to clients business competitors.
  2. I think we are secure because we did not observe any attack on our website till date.
    • Almost 73% of sites all over the world are attacked by hackers and out of them 65% are hacked. Out of 65% percent only 2% of site owners come to know that they have been hacked and rest dont even know.
  3. Will your security testing team will help us for vulnerability fixes?
    • Yes, we provide 360-degree security services, our comprehensive security vulnerability reports include vulnerability details along with impact and remediation process.
    • Also, our security experts suggest development teams standard ways of fixing those vulnerabilities.
  4. How compliance certifications like PCI DSS will help us in our business?
    • Now a day many applications facilitates online payments also stores customers card details on their web sites. While using such sites / applications customers always think about application security first hence compliance certificate like PCI DSS helps business owners to give confidence to customers that their data is in safe hands
  5. We are using well know companies SSL / TLS certificate, still we need to perform security testing on our websites?
    • Using an SSL / TLS certificate means that the traffic to and from your site using SSL / TLS services is encrypted and private from eavesdroppers.
    • It says nothing about the underlying security of the site, network or its web applications.
    • Many SSL / TLS sites have serious vulnerabilities that could be identified and resolved by using the regular scan reports provided with Audited by Consistent System service.
    • Libraries providing TLS support have previously been seriously affected by serious vulnerabilities themselves, most notably with the Heartbleed vulnerability that affected OpenSSL
  6. What have less budget now and I would like to perform security testing, what would the good approach to perform security testing?
    • Security testing is the process of 3 different phases i.e. Vulnerability Assessment, Application Security Testing and Penetration Testing.
    • If budget is the issue, then we can complete the first phase and defect fixes of it at a time and then second and third phase.
  7. Why Consistent System?
    • Once websites and applications are enrolled with Consistent System, we will obtain URLs to be tested, the window periods for testing and a set of test credentials for each web application, if applicable.
    • Once the setup is completed, the application level vulnerability scanning is conducted using leading commercial / Open source application scanners.
    • The outputs of the scanners are manually verified to ensure accuracy and remove any false positives.
    • Additionally, there are a set of manual tests and checks that are performed in areas where application scanners are weak or incapable.
    • Detailed reports with vulnerability information ease of exploitation, security impact, vulnerability rating, solutions and fixes are provided.
    • Reports will also include benchmarking information to the OWASP Top 10 and PCI requirements.
    • Below are described critical components of Consistent System services:
      • Standards Based Jade security tests are based on standards like OWASP, NIST and OSSTMM
      • State of the art Tools- We have expertise in commercial, open source & proprietary tools.
      • Efficient & Cost Effective - We leverage global teams to meet demanding schedules and budgets.
  8. Our data is very important to us and we could not out outsource our work to other organizations.
    • Our team will work in your environment also we will train your engineers for application security hence they will take care of security under the guidance of consistent system team
  9. What does Audited by Consistent System mean?
    • Audited by Consistent System does not means that the site or network is secure, but shows that the site is actively maintaining its security against remote compromise from the internet. We also issue security certificate to our customers after completion of security testing and vulnerability fixes.
  10. We have a firewall, is that means we are secure?
    • A correctly configured firewall can eliminate attacks against services that are not intended to be visible to the internet.
    • However, many attacks exploit vulnerabilities critical network services such as HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, and DNS, which must be permitted through your firewall to operate as intended.
    • Additionally, when you need to make changes to your firewall configuration, external independent testing will give you confidence that you have not inadvertently permitted any more services through the firewall than intended.
  11. Can you give 100% assurance that all security problems have been found?
    • No. By definition a testing service can only find vulnerabilities and cannot prove the absence of vulnerabilities.
    • That said, our reports clearly show our methods and test scope, so a person with reasonable security experience can gauge the thoroughness of the tests.
    • Consistent System has the custom of an impressive list of clients, with several well-known companies renewing their security testing contracts with us for over years.
  12. Do you find vulnerabilities in third-party software, and what do you do if you find them?
    • Yes, often. If the vulnerability is new and not specific to your servers, and will affect others, then we work with you and the third-party vendor to find a solution before public announcement.
  13. How do you charge for auditing web applications?
    • We charge for web application testing on a time and materials basis. Please contact for further details.


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