Mobiles/Smartphones have changed the way we live our lives over the last ten years. Mobile devices allow us to do nearly everything online from anywhere, at any time. We can do our banking, track our fitness, control Internet of Things devices in our homes, shop, and even work remotely.

A mobile application is a type of application software designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer. Securing mobile applications from malicious users may not be a simple task, but it is a necessity. Our mobile application security testing solution discovers malicious or potentially risky actions in your mobile applications, keeping your business and customers secure against attacks.

Why we different from others/ Benefits

  • Know Your Environment
  • Create a Checklist for the Most Common and Riskiest Vulnerabilities
  • Identify threats for the app specific or prepared
  • Practice Defense in Depth
  • Use Vulnerability Analysis, Runtime analysis and Timeline Analysis
  • Test Mobile Apps with the Attacker in Mind
  • Test native apps, mobile web apps and hybrid app also
  • Highly Professional and Expert Test Engineers

Specific activities to be performed while testing the Security of Mobile Applications are

  • Automated security testing of mobile applications for multiple mobile devices across multiple platforms over diverse networks
  • Use of a cloud-based mobile Testing Lab that enables uploading locations or the actual apps themselves for testing
  • Performance of a huge variety of automated security tests for identifying embedded spywares, viruses, Trojans, data privacy, data leakage, unsolicited network connections, etc.
  • Dynamic analyses and testing of apps in labs providing the required environment to verify security issues such as insecure file system, insecure data transmission, unsafe data storage, privilege access violations, etc.
  • Analysis of results for each mobile application.
  • Assessment of automated code that helps IT teams secure mobile apps in agile-based environments.
  • Inspection of all features of the apps in real-time in controlled environments, and comparison of the results against a plethora of known applications.
  • Assessment of the apps using binary static analysis that expose malicious capabilities and vulnerabilities such as leakage of information.
  • Assessment of whether or not an app has been built according to the peculiar demands of compliance in your industry, as it is vital to follow the right standards for regulations and mandates.
  • Keep checking and testing for the new security threats that keep surfacing ever so often.


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